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20,000 Parsecs Across The Galaxy
[FIC] The Protege' (SW AU, Vader, Palpatine, PG-13) 
30th-Aug-2007 09:34 pm
Title : The Protege'

Author : jedinemo

Rating and disclaimer : Rated PG-13. The Star Wars Universe belongs to George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd, and I have gained nothing but satisfaction from this fanfic.

Summary : Darth Vader has an unsettling encounter within the Imperial Palace.

Timeline : A few years before the events of ANH.

A/N : I started a story based on a mixture of requests made by vikkir and treenahasthaal in skywalkathon, but this one jumped ahead in line. That Which Remains is on hiatus as my job is at the "eating my life" stage.

Darth Vader knew his master would be displeased. The Emperor was displeased any time one of his subordinates acted with too much initiative, and returning to the Imperial Palace unannounced definitely qualified as that. But the news he carried of the Rebellion's plans was too urgent to be left for the next scheduled report, and too valuable to be sent via holotransmission, the security of which were becoming more dubious by the day. And so he found himself making the journey through the labyrinthine halls of the Palace towards his master's sanctum.

The vastness of the place always struck him as an exercise in excess, the luxurious materials with which it was built as more of the same. What use could Palpatine have for all of these rooms, anyway? Many floors appeared completely vacant, but it was not possible to bypass them, as though the Emperor wanted every visitor to comprehend the immensity of the Palace. Thankfully, he was almost to the final elevator which would take him to the uppermost floor and to the Throne Room.

He was prepared for the reprimand he would receive, but it would all be a mock show. While Palpatine might have been at first unaware of his return to Imperial Center, by now security recorders and the guards that monitored them would have relayed his presence to the Emperor, if the Force had not already done so. He could have warded off some of his punishment by asking for permission to enter the Palace, but that would have lessened the ritual exchange that was about to take place. His master, exerting his authority, and he defying it. It was the glue that bound them together, and let them know everything was as it should be between them.

But as he stood waiting at the turbolift doors, he had the distinct impression that all was not right. There was an odd current in the Force, something he could not quite identify, because when he focused on it, it seemed to recede as mere echo. He shook his head, and returned to composing the report he would give to Palpatine. His reward was a sharp pain, almost as if someone had jabbed him in the sides, though no being would ever be so bold as to touch him. A ripple of laughter drifted away in the Force, and he turned abruptly towards the source.

This time he diffused his awareness, allowing the Force to settle over him like a cloak. At the very edge of his perception he sensed a repeating pulse of energy, timed like a heartbeat. Someone waited down this wing of the Palace, someone who had not quite the skill to conceal their presence completely.

Though the silver doors slid open, he abandoned the elevator and strode purposefully down the corridor, his boots clacking against the glittering Sittana marble floor. A flash of blond hair disappearing around a corner gave substance to the phantom presence, and he quickened his pace. At every turn though, his quarry increased the distance between them, and he realized the futility of direct pursuit. When he was young he would have thought of nothing except chasing after his prey, but age and the limitations of the suit had taught him other methods.

He intentionally chose a hallway that took him away from the presence, and smiled when he felt it begin to follow him, just as he had predicted. He wandered as if lost, though in truth all the levels of the Palace followed the same floor plan and he knew exactly where he was going. The presence trailed behind him, smugness emanating from it as it prided itself about its lack of detection. It never came close enough for him to see it fully, though if he turned quickly enough he sometimes caught sight of the same head of golden hair.

It was likely only a minor Force adept minion of the Emperor. He wouldn't have even bothered investigating it except that there was an infuriating arrogance to the presence that made him want to put it in its place. Chastising himself for allowing it to provoke him, he turned onto the main corridor and headed back towards the turbolifts. Abruptly, the presence brightened in the Force, and he heard padding footsteps behind him. Growling in annoyance, he called his lightsaber to hand and whirled about. Just outside the reach of his humming blade stood a tall, slim youth, who stared back at him, hands raised in a defensive posture. The band of scarlet that edged the fine charcoal fabric of the youth's clothing announced the boy's status with the Emperor.

"We're not supposed to meet," the youth said, grinning. "Not until I'm older, anyway."

A more true statement had probably never been uttered. He was thankful for the concealment of the mask, because he knew his jaw had dropped in astonishment. The face before him was more than familiar, it was him, save that when he had been sixteen years old, his hair had been shorn close, with a Padawan braid hanging behind his ear.

He didn't know why he was surprised; Palpatine's loyalty was a nebulous concept at best. But to see evidence of his fall from his master's favor still hurt, digging into him like a vibro-shiv to his gut. For all that his master had invested in rebuilding the ruined shell that was his body, the end result was apparently not satisfactory. Instead, Palpatine had required this, this flawless duplication of who he had once been. The perfection of the clone suggested Kaminoian technology; the age of the youth said he would have been grown from cells harvested while Vader was being reconstructed in the Emperor's medical center. The boy, then, was as much a survivor of Mustafar as he was.

Vader knew he should run the boy through and be done with it, but something stilled his hand. "What has he promised you?" he said, finally.

The youth lowered his arms. "To take your place."

Of course. What other answer could there be? He was deceiving himself to think that this boy was kin; they were rivals. But he was mesmerized by the way his clone's chest expanded so effortlessly, and by how the long limbs tapered into graceful fingertips of flesh. All the potential that had once been his, this boy still possessed.

"You should know that he promises more than he can deliver," he said, powering down his lightsaber.

The youth smirked. "You think you can stop me?"

He sighed to himself, remembering the first time he faced Dooku, and how he had felt that same boundless confidence. "Of course. But that is not the point. Be careful of your friend Palpatine."

"You're the one who calls him 'Master'," the boy shot back.

His finger twitched over the lightsaber's activator.The youth's insolence irritated him, but he couldn't deny the truth in his words. "And you are a fool if you think you will not."

"Someday, I will be more powerful than him," the youth said. "Then I will be the master."

"You think you are the first to have that dream?" he said angrily, striding forward until he had the boy backed against a wall. Physical characteristics, temperament, even midi-chlorian counts were all genetic traits, but how could the Kaminoians have duplicated his fate as well? "He allows you that dream so as to control you."

For the first time, the boy's self-assurance faltered. "He doesn't control me," he said, his brow furrowed.

The words might have come from Vader's own mouth, once upon a time. The problem was, they weren't true."Then leave while you still can."

Confusion filled the boy's face, but then he swallowed hard and thrust his chin forward. "Why don't you leave?"

Vader backed away, giving the boy room. He shouldn't be saying any of this. The boy was an opponent, nothing more. But looking into his own face, he couldn't stop himself. "Because I can't."

"See, that's why I will take your place," the youth said, the annoying smirk returning to his face. "Because I'm stronger."

Why was it so difficult to make the boy understand? "If you are truly stronger, then you will not seek my place."

"Why do you care what I do?" the boy said, gesturing into the air.

"Because you're me. You're my clone," he said. It shouldn't matter, but it did.

The boy's face screwed up in distaste. "I'm not a clone of anyone."

"It is not a disgrace," he said. "But it is the truth."

"Prove it."

"I cannot here," he said, knowing he'd never convince the boy with words."But ask Palpatine to tell you of Anakin Skywalker."

"How do you know my name?" the boy said indignantly.

He felt faintly nauseous. Physical duplication had not been sufficient; Palpatine had sought to recreate him entirely. "Because it was mine first."

"You can't be me," the youth said, staring at his own hands as if his flesh had betrayed him. "I would never kneel before him like you do."

Vader remembered the first time he had done so, desperation filling him as his destiny seemed to narrow to one path. It would be impossible to count how many times he had performed the ritual since, and its numbing effect had never diminished. "At your age, I would not have believed it, either."

The youth looked distinctly uneasy. Maybe there was no reason to be envious of his clone's intact body. The boy had still to face the humiliation that would come with discovering he could never best Palpatine, and that he would always be a servant. Having already learned that lesson, Vader could afford not to to look at that painful fact directly. A whisper of sadness came to him as he gazed at the now deflated boy, but then he walked away. Palpatine was expecting him.

"Wait," the youth called after him.

He paused, turning back towards the boy.

"Does he ever make you feel stupid?"

Apparently the boy did not enjoy protected status after all. A thousand jibes echoed in his head, insults swallowed while in service to his master. "He tries. It's among his favorite pastimes."

"How do you make him stop?"

Any sense of rivalry that still remained yielded to the protectiveness that rose in his chest. He knew well the cycle of praise and condemnation that Palpatine used to maintain his superior position: praise, to make you care what he thought, followed by criticism to make you try harder to regain his approval. It had taken him many years to understand the method, and even now he sometimes succumbed to its lure. The boy, of course, had no such perspective, allowing the game to impact him with full power.

"Don't fight with him. It's what he enjoys most," he said. "But if you are like me, you cannot help sparring with him."

The youth managed a weak smile. He stepped closer and looked directly into the mask. "What's it like out there?"

"Out where?"

"Outside Imperial Center. Anywhere."

"You've never been off-world?"

The boy looked embarrassed. "Only the places he's taken me. Not very many. He's says I'm too valuable to be permitted out."

The outrage that had been simmering within him bubbled stronger. He was not meant for captivity, and neither was this boy. It went against their nature. The boy deserved more than to be raised like a creature in a zoo. "I will see to it that your education is expanded," he said. "That I promise."

The youth's eyes searched the mask, and then he nodded, a trickle of hope leaking past the boy's imperfect mental shields.

"In the meantime, you stay here," he said. "I cannot keep the Emperor waiting any longer. You know how he gets."


When the red cloaked Imperial Guards refused to move out of Darth Vader's way, he knew the game had begun in earnest. He resigned himself to waiting outside the huge doors that marked the entrance to the Throne Room, not even protesting when the delay stretched far beyond anything reasonable into the ridiculous. At last Palpatine sent silent command to the Guards, and he was allowed entry, although the Guards flanked his approach to the Throne as if he were a common supplicant, and not the Emperor's right hand. When he was within two meters of the massive chair and the hooded figure who occupied it, he dropped to one knee.

"Were you lost?" the Emperor asked pointedly.

"No, Master," he said, keeping his head bowed.

"First you arrive when I have not requested your presence, and then you make me wait for you," Palpatine said, not bothering to disguise his irritation. "What have you to say for yourself?"

"Sorry, Master," he said slowly. "I was talking to myself."

Their conversations were always embedded with hidden meanings, and Palpatine did not miss the message he had sent in this one. There was a marked silence before Palpatine replied. "Guards, leave us."

He smiled inside his helmet, but did not move until he heard the doors shush open and closed after the Guards departed. When he looked up, the expression on the Emperor's face was as peevish as he had imagined.

Palpatine glared at him as he leaned back in the throne. "I trust it was a good conversation."

He rose to his full height. "Yes. Most enlightening."

"He's a clever boy," the Emperor said casually. "About as eager as you were to prove his abilities, which is why he must have chosen to reveal himself to you."

"You gave him my name," he said, stepping closer to the throne.

Palpatine shrugged. "You weren't using it anymore."

"You have no right to keep him caged like an animal."

"No right?" the Emperor said, sneering. "I commissioned his creation. That gives me every right."

He struggled to contain his disgust at Palpatine's claim of ownership. "It is customary to seek permission from the donor before creating a clone."

"Oh, well pardon me for not asking first when all that remained of you was a charred carcass," the Emperor said, descending from the throne. Anger sparked in his yellow eyes. "When did you become so ungrateful, Lord Vader? You'd be dead if it were not for me. Perhaps I should have simply left you there like Kenobi did."

His lightsaber was in his hand and ignited before he could think about it. Palpatine's face went grim, and they began the slow, circling dance of well-matched combatants. This was it, the collision that was so long in coming, no longer hidden behind precisely chosen words and inflammatory actions. He thrust his saber forward, and Palpatine retreated wordlessly, but brought his hands up, gnarled fingers extending in warning. His mind leapt to imagine defenses that would keep him protected from the Force lightning he knew was coming.

As if reading his mind, arcs of blue energy flew from the Emperor's fingertips, and Vader angled his lightsaber to deflect them. It took all of his strength to keep the saber in position against the relentless storm that issued from Palpatine. Somehow, he summoned his reserve and pushed back abruptly, the recoil knocking the Emperor off balance. The onslaught of lightning stopped, and Palpatine's gaze shifted to the side. With the crackle of energy silenced, he picked up the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps.

From behind him came the voice of the youth, breathless from running. "Wait! I need him."

He caught the subtle smile that came to Palpatine's lips, and a sense of dread filled him. There was something about the situation that was familiar, so very familiar.

"He's a traitor, Anakin," Palpatine said.

It took him a moment to realize the Emperor was speaking to the boy. He stepped back so that he could see both Palpatine and the youth, who now clutched a lightsaber in his hand. Despite the oddness of it, he let his own name roll off his tongue. "Anakin, he's the traitor. To us."

The boy stood solemn faced between them, his eyes darting back and forth as he considered their pleas. In a flash it came to him why he felt that he had already lived this scene, because he had, only unbelievably he now stood in Mace Windu's place, arguing against the evil that was Palpatine. His heart sank. The boy would become Palpatine's next apprentice, just as he had done, because it was their destiny. Even though his own life was at stake, this stand-off had little to do with him. It was a test for the boy, as Dooku had been for him.

He might be expendable, but he was not going to go quietly. He charged towards Palpatine with a mighty swing of his lightsaber, and was met with a renewed blast of Force lightning. Calling on the Force for strength, he leaned into the fury and made Palpatine work to repel him.

"Help me, Anakin," the Emperor said. "I can't hold him any longer."

"Don't listen to him, Anakin," he growled in reply, knowing full well that he appeared the aggressor to the boy's surrogate father.

"Help me," Palpatine cried. "Don't let him kill me."

At the edge of the helmet's vision, he caught sight of the boy somersaulting with the Force into the middle of the fray. The lightning ceased abruptly, and the sudden loss of resistance made him fall forward to his knees, his lightsaber tumbling from his hand. Arterial spray painted the lenses of his mask, and he readied himself for the end. Around him the Force went nova, blindingly white even from behind closed eyelids. Maybe it was as they had first taught him...There is no death, there is only the Force.

His vision darkened, and he waited for the transformation. And waited. When nothing changed, he slowly opened his eyes and saw that against the durasteel shinguard of his right leg lay Palpatine's unblinking head. He pushed himself up with a speed he didn't know he still possessed, and summoned his lightsaber. The youth was standing over the Emperor's body, lightsaber deactivated, but the hilt still held in a trembling hand.

"I did it," the boy was muttering, his expression dazed, "I did it."

Vader moved away from the Emperor's corpse to gaze at his clone head on. His eyes, his face, his frame, not yet grown to maturity, but this boy was not him.

Thank the Force.
31st-Aug-2007 05:24 am (UTC)
Eeeeee! Me lieky.

I thought the boy was Luke at first, but this is so much better and more twisted. Vader talking Anakin out of his fate was wonderful.

A few things, though. Wouldn't the Emperor have trained young Anakin in the dark side to the point where he would be selfish? And wouldn't Vader be interested in killing his Master, taking the throne, and training (or killing) young Anakin? I mean, I love squishy Anakins and Vaders, but I like to see a little more transformation and the effect of life experience on them as they evolve to squishiness.
31st-Aug-2007 06:19 am (UTC)
Well, right or wrong, my view is that Vader is squishy all the time, it's just whether or not he admits it to himself or anyone else.

But what really intrigued me about this is thinking about the connection a person might feel for their clone. I mean, think of how emotionally invested parents are in their children, and a child is only half related to its parent. I think it would be emotionally impossible not to see your clone as part of you. And for someone as old as Vader, who has some big regrets, I think he'd be hard pressed not to tell himself(his clone) not to make the same mistakes he made.

And I guess that's the other thing: I didn't say they did any of it for each other. I think young Anakin saved himself, not Vader. And I think most of Vader's advice was for himself, just decades too late.
31st-Aug-2007 10:15 am (UTC)

Very interesting AU concept - the ghost of Anakin's past vs the ghost of Anakin's future.

31st-Aug-2007 02:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's nothing to help put things in perspective like seeing someone about to make the same mistakes we've made. I think seeing his clone kind of woke him up.
31st-Aug-2007 02:24 pm (UTC)
Someone with your face, heading towards the same mistake you made, I think the opportunity to seize a second chance would be irresistible. But it does bring up an interesting question. Anakin is his clone, Luke is his child - and Padme's. What if you have to choose between a younger you and the child of true love?

Leads to fascinating possibilities.
31st-Aug-2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's a fascinating question. I think the natural tendency is to think of children as more dear, and the clone as something more artificial and less sympathetic. But a clone is you. And I've taken Karen Traviss' lead on remembering that these clones are living, breathing, individuals.

Would you do more for you clone or your child? Does an original take precedence over a copy? Maybe it would be easy to say in theory, but more difficult when faced with the actual flesh and blood.

And in this universe, Luke and clone Anakin are about the same age. It would be fascinating.
31st-Aug-2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
Fabulous! Coming face to face with yourself will often bring you to your senses and Vader did this literally! Now what happens, though? Does the clone then turn to fight Vader (as you have discussed in a comment) or do the two then turn to each other and think "now what?" : )

The clone was so Anakin, too and I adored the replay of the fight between Mace Windu and Palptine but with Vader and the clone. Excellent idea! This has to be the best story I've read in the last couple of weeks.

Enthralling stuff!
1st-Sep-2007 06:17 am (UTC)
Yes, it's so much easier to recognize when someone else is making a mistake!

The whole clone idea opens so many lines of thought. Like...what's your place in the world if your clone is a better person than you?
31st-Aug-2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
Well, at first I thought I was disappointed when I read that it wasn't more of That Which Remains but a new story. Now I am captivated by it.

How strange it must have been for Vader to see the boy, himself and yet not. And though the boy is his clone, he cannot be just like him because so much of us is molded by those we interact with as we grow up. The boy's had no Shmi, no Obi-Wan, no Jedi Order, and no Padme to tempt him. Virtually no life experiences.

The boy is like the children we hear about, abused verbally and mentally if not physically, and finally after years of it, retaliates violently.

Is this a one-shot or will there be more? Vader had surprisingly protective feelings towards the boy. I wonder if the boy would look on him as a father figure and also what would happen when Vader found his real children.
1st-Sep-2007 06:27 am (UTC)
The whole clone concept is rife with what-ifs. How much of us is hardwired (the identical twins raised separately that have the same preferences and habits), and how much of us is learned behavior? What would you feel if you learned you were a clone?

I did imagine this as a one-shot, but I'm already imagining the next scene, so who knows?
1st-Sep-2007 12:54 am (UTC)
I commented on ff.net, but here I will say: you know you have to continue this, right?? Especially after all the wonderful ideas people are bringing up.... Vader, his clone, his son...how he would react to each one...and what would Luke think of a same-aged clone of his father?! Brilliant story, as always.
1st-Sep-2007 06:31 am (UTC)
Yes, you've got me going thinking about continuing the story, and it does have possibilities galore...so we'll see.

To continue it would mean the two other stories that actually have Luke in them would go on the backburner, though... Where were all these story ideas when I had the time to work on them?
1st-Sep-2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
Whoa! That was cool! I wasn't expecting the end either. I love how you showed his frustration at encountering his own impetuousness. :) Heh heh - this could go some really interesting places if you decided to keep at it. :D
2nd-Sep-2007 04:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I enjoyed poking a little fun at his foibles. And it's looking like it is going to be an ongoing story-I did a bunch of outlining yesterday.
2nd-Sep-2007 07:16 am (UTC)
Wow! What a fascinating story! There simply is no word for Palpatine's evil. I don't know what I found more fascinating. The exchange between Anakin and his clone, or the dynamics between Vader and Palpatine.

It sure was unexpected when Vader did not move to immediately kill the clone. Instead he felt protective and he wanted to protect the boy from the mistake he made. This brings me right back to the Vader/Palpatine dynamic. There's such a tragedy in this; Vader does not relish who he is. He does not relish bowing to Palpatine. I prefer this Vader, who knows that the concept of loyalty does not exist for Palpatine, and who knows that Palpatine constantly manipulates him, over a Vader who is blindly devoted to the Emperor.

Just like everybody else I'm now wondering how this would continue. Will the clone and Vader fight? Will they somehow befriend each other? How would Luke react? What will happen to the Empire now?

This is a spell-binding AU! :)
2nd-Sep-2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
To me the power and tragedy of Vader is that he's stuck in a situation he created, but never intended. He's tried to escape his servitude to Palpatine by running around the Galaxy in Star Destroyers, but in the end it still eats him up.

And as for why he didn't kill the clone immediately, I think it was just too powerful to see himself whole again after twenty years in the suit. If he had been undamaged, maybe he would feel differently, but it's almost like seeing his dream in front of him, and it's hard to kill your own dream. I think mostly he's seeing himself, and thinking about what he'd like to have done differently, and hasn't fully come to grips with the fact that the boy is an individual.
3rd-Sep-2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
Awww, this made my inner Ani/Palpy shipper sad, but it was a wonderful fic! I loved cocky young Anakin, and Vader's mixed reactions to him. I like the idea of Palpatine creating a clone from Anakin's charred remains. So totally in-character for him.

"I was talking to myself." - Hee! I love how the Emperor knew what that meant.
3rd-Sep-2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
I actually like Palpatine-it's got to be his intelligence that attracts me, because I've got no illusions that he's not a total sociopath. And I get Ani/Palps, even though I'm not much of a slasher.

One thing I noticed as I began to think about continuing this story is how much energy is lost when Palps isn't there to be a foil for Vader. This story prompted me to start a Ani/Palps flash fic sort of thing- I'll probably end up finishing it.
3rd-Sep-2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
This story absolutely fascinates and delights me. The premise is one I have never considered and wow does it pack a punch.

I was shocked to find Palpatine created a clone. I was expecting maybe Luke or some other devious twist, but my jaw hit the floor when Vader discovered another Anakin Skywalker. And that was masterfully played. I read it thinking maybe it was Luke and the actions of the (then) unknown Force adept seemed off, but make that Force adept Anakin and it is so true to character.

I thought Vader's reactions to his clone were fantastically rendered. I loved how he was apalled, then jealous and then protective. Their conversation was so beautiful and so powerfully layered. Vader is literally speaking to Anakin, but in so many ways he is speaking to himself, to his younger self, an entity entirely apart from his clone.

It is so delicious to contrast the aged, suited Vader with the physical perfection and immortal mindset of the young clone. You really feel the weight of the years Vader has lived and at what a high price that maturity was earned.

And then there's the Emperor ...

His master, exerting his authority, and he defying it. It was the glue that bound them together, and let them know everything was as it should be between them.

Wow does that small section sum up things perfectly. Vader is older, more mature, but at the same time, there is something inside him that is so utterly defeated that he truly cannot imagine a world where he could beat Palpatine. He's absolutely resigned to his fate.

The boy had still to face the humiliation that would come with discovering he could never best Palpatine, and that he would always be a servant.

And he believes it is Anakin's immaturity that keeps him from seeing the truth.

Those sections are just flawless. They give us such a powerful glimpse inside Vader and his internal workings. You can truly see how Luke was the only thing that could have pulled him back from the edge. Because obviously he did not have enough care for or belief in himself to do it alone.

And I LOVED the verbal sparring between Vader and Palpatine. It was so priceless. I love that for all of his maturity, Vader is still the insolent, willful apprentice. He knows he will be punished and yet he cannot keep himself from needling Palpatine.

I laughed out loud several times when reading the dialogue between Palpatine and Vader. It was beautiful. The humor and animosity and pain.

And then, of course, the end that all the readers realize from the beginning is not only plausible, but the only logical end. Anakin Skywalker will indeed slay his Master. Yet, Vader's final thoughts:

but this boy was not him.

Thank the Force.

Guh. Gets you right there.

This was a beautiful story. Thank you so much for posting.
4th-Sep-2007 12:06 am (UTC)
Wow! Thanks for the stellar review!

I could feel all the layers to the conversation between Vader and Anakin as I was writing it, so I'm glad that came through.

The other thing I'm glad came through was Vader's resignation to his fate. It's actually what prompted me to write The Vader Chronicles because when we see Vader at the end of ROTS, even though he's burned to a crisp and has lost everything, he's not resigned. But hoo-boy, he sure is by the OT, especially ROTJ. Obviously something grave has happened to him in the intervening period.

Some of it is also because our Anakin never really believed in himself- he needed the approval of others to keep him going. Clone!Anakin seems to have more faith in himself.
4th-Sep-2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
Just when it seems there aren't any more attractive AU's, here comes one. At first it seemed like Time Travel, but the only time travel was from OriginalAnakin to SadVader who thinks of his original Jedi training in the Force as he (supposedly) dies. I really liked the aging descriptions, "speed he didn't know he still possessed," and the "waited for the transformation," a truly touching phrase. If there is more, great, if not, this goes into Memories by itself, okay too.
6th-Sep-2007 05:28 am (UTC)
Thanks! I know I'm outside your usual reading group, so I'm pleased the story appealed to you.
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